Bucket List-ening

A Life Filled With Music

Episode Summary

Bob Emmer describes his incredible journey to become a media executive, and how he squeezes every ounce of joy and happiness from life!

Episode Notes

Everyone has aspirations. Often, we see them as experiences for some time down the road. But, we say, “Why wait?”  Welcome to Bucket List-ening, where we’re talking to amazing people who have found a way – every day – to live their bucket life.  On this very special first episode, host and human dynamics expert Tabitha Scott sits down with the Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Shout Factory!, Bob Emmer. Bob is truly an inspirational person who has, and continues to, lead an incredible and fascinating life.  From an early career in journalism to a role as a media executive, Bob’s story is one that you’ll never forget.  Also joining the conversation is Mark Ford, the Vice President of Music Industry Banking at First Horizon, who has worked closely with Bob over the years to ensure that he has been able to turn his bucket list into a beautiful life.  This is Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon.

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