Bucket List-ening

A Life Outside The Comfort Zone

Episode Summary

Randy Grimmett, Co-Founder & CEO of Global Music Rights discusses changing the music industry and the need to step outside of your comfort zone.

Episode Notes

On the show today, we have an amazing guest, the Co-Founder & CEO of Global Music Rights, Randy Grimmett joins Tabitha Scott.  

For Randy, his bucket life is rooted in “stepping outside of your comfort zone”, and that’s because he left a tenured executive position at ASCAP, not because he was unhappy, but because he saw a better way to do things – breaking with tradition and being the first entrant into the performing rights marketplace in over 75 years, Randy’s work has changed the game in the music industry. Because when you settle into being comfortable, you stop growing. 

Also joining the show today is the Vice President of Music Industry Banking at First Horizon, Mark Ford.  Since 2016, Mark has led a team at First Horizon dedicated to providing specialized financial services to music industry businesses, individuals, and other centers of influence in the industry.  And over the years he’s worked closely with Randy to help him ensure that the music never stops, and he can turn his bucket list into a beautiful life. So press play and get ready for another inspiring episode of Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon.

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