Bucket List-ening

Giving back to move forward

Episode Summary

Slim & Husky’s co-founders discuss their incredible journey and why giving back to the community is a cornerstone of their success.

Episode Notes

Going from childhood friends to building and selling a successful business together, only to then go on and found one of the hottest growing chain of restaurants across Tennessee, Georgia and now California with Slim & Husky’s.  Co-founders Clint Gray, E.J. Reed, and Derrick Moore, aka Moe, join host Tabbitha Scott to tell us all about their incredible journey, why giving back to their community is a cornerstone of their success, and what the future holds in store.  And also joining the podcast is Herman Hicks, Vice President and Private Client Relationship Manager at First Horizon, who has worked closely with the guys over the years to ensure that they have been able to turn their bucket list into a beautiful life.  So press play and get ready for another inspiring episode of Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon.

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