Bucket List-ening

Turning detours into discoveries

Episode Summary

Dr. Rishi Patel, the Pres. & CEO of CAN Community Health joins Tabitha Scott to discuss putting sweat equity into something greater than yourself.

Episode Notes

On the show today, Tabitha Scott is joined by a fascinating guest, the President and CEO of CAN Community Health, Dr. Rishi Patel.  

Through hard work and dedication, Dr. Patel’s led a highly acclaimed career and built a beautiful bucket life, crediting much of his success to the unwavering work ethic instilled in him by his parents. But what really excited Rishi was the idea that he could put sweat equity into something greater than himself, and so began his journey to find his purpose at CAN, a medical provider specializing in serving people with sexually transmitted diseases. For Rishi, every stop along the way held value in his becoming and it’s that mindset he brings to fulfilling all of his life’s aspirations and building a beautiful bucket life.  

And along with Rishi, we also have the pleasure of being joined by Eric Vogt.  Eric is a Commercial Relationship Manager in North Florida at First Horizon and he’s worked closely with Rishi to ensure that he has the tools and knowledge to always get the most out of life.  So press play and get ready for another inspiring episode of Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon.

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