Bucket List-ening

Why we need Women’s Superpowers with Personal Finances

Episode Summary

Our experts, Tracy Bell & Holley Cary dive into the world of women's financial planning & discuss harnessing female financial superpowers.

Episode Notes

On this special episode of Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon, Tabitha Scott is joined by First Horizon Advisors, Inc.’s Tracy Bell, Director of Equity Strategies, and First Horizon Bank’s Senior Financial Planner, Holley Cary, CFP ®. Together they dive into the empowering world of women's financial planning and discuss how First Horizon helps women harness their financial superpowers. The conversation navigates through the importance of aligning financial goals with personal aspirations, addressing the unique challenges women face, and the potential for them to manage a colossal $30 trillion by 2030. Plus, Tracy and Holley share their experiences and insights on creating spending plans that reflect one's dreams, and explain how to best utilize strengths like long-term orientation, and prudent risk management. So press play and make sure you don’t miss this fun and insightful episode of Bucket List-ening, presented by First Horizon.

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